Surviving Meal Times With the Kiddos

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Sally Kuzemchak, is a registered dietitian and mom with a no judgement zone approach to feeding your family right. After becoming a mom and finding that it's not all sunshine and rainbows at the dinner table, she wanted to reassure moms that it's okay not to be perfect, not to have all the answers and have kids that prefer mac-n-cheese to mushroom risotto. 

In this episode we talk about picky eaters, what we need to do to set our selves up for meal time success and how we can approach game time snacks in a healthier way. Because trust me, your kid is no Dak Prescott at the age of 5.. he hasn't sweated out enough electrolytes to need a 64oz gatorade. We also talk about the importance of skin care and Sally's experience with stage 1 skin cancer. 

Sally's site is jam packed full of FREE resources, so we can battle this meal thing head on. During the episode she mentions a few of them that I will link below (because you know, it takes a village): 

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