The Many Hats of SAHM Krista Grant

Kirsta, Today's Eden Podcast

From Behavior Specialist to SAHM

When you meet Krista Grant, you walk away wondering "what can this woman not do?" Which is why getting to pick her brain for this episode was so insightful and, awesome.

Momma of two, Krista has no shortage of energy, or at least you wouldn't be able to tell by her many achievements thus far. We go through her career as a behavior specialist to Farm to Fork specialty food store owner and now essential oil educator. Get your note pads out, because there is some great information and notable quotes throughout this episode! Ready?! Let's listen!

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Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! I hope you went away feeling encouraged, empowered, or having learned something new.

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Don’t own the disease, don’t own the illness
— Krista Grant
All behavior is fulfilling some sort of need
— Krista Grant