Un-Met Valentines Day Expectations and Self Care

Photo by  Roman Kraft

Photo by Roman Kraft

Valentines Day...man it can mess you UP!

Today on the podcast it's getting real about why you aren't going to get the Valentines Day you were hoping for. What you can do about it and who we should really be focusing on this month. YOU! 

Self care is one of those words we all love to say but really have no idea what it means. So I am breaking down self care into categories, so we can take a look and see which categories of self care we need to up our game in and which ones we have covered. Because at the end of the day, we have to take care of ourselves first to be able to pour into our families and our relationships. You gotta love you before you can accept the love from others, and see how others see you. 

Here are the self care categories:

    Moving that body! Exercising, walking, getting into the woods and eating right. If you need to move to feel good, MOVE!
    Being self aware. How have your emotions been lately? Are you up down constantly. What can you do that will fill you up and calm your emotions?
    Are you feeling connected with your faith? Have you been missing meditation times? 
    Has binge watching Game of Thrones not really been doing anything for ya? If you anxiety at an all time high? Do you feel super isolated? Find a way to get your mind mentally stimulated or maybe it needs to be less stimulated. 
    Some of us just feel like a brand new woman after the kitchen has been top to bottom cleaned. Will tackling some of those To-Do's help you feel a little more sane? Take some time to plan a day or two to get things you really want done.
    If you haven't hung out with an adult person without kids around in a few months, your are probably running really low on social self care. Date night with the hubs, Skype a friend, grab coffee and surround yourself with adults you don't know. Because as long as you don't have to accompany them to the bathroom and wipe their tooshies your winning! 

If you need some tips on how you can celebrate Valentines day on the cheap this year, check out the FREE Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day post on the blog! 

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