Ashley is the founder of It Takes a Village Podcast.  Driven by a desire to empower moms across the world to live in the freedom of their struggles.  Tearing down the walls of "picture perfect life". Ashley has become the friend next door to every woman via podcast, sharing her own life journey. From having children at a young age, overcoming hyperemesis during two pregnancies, suffering a miscarriage, and her autoimmune disease to finding her birth father on Facebook, among raising a family, working ful time, hosting a podcast and growing (aka making a ton of learning mistakes) as a woman, wife and mother. 

It Takes a Village podcast has had over 50+ powerhouse women CEOs, women in business and moms next door interviewed on the show and many more to come, because #ittakesavillage.

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Speaking Topics

  • How to Use Social Media to Energize You Instead of Drain or Put You in the Comparison Trap

  • The Value of Virtual Friendships and Community and How You Can Find Your Virtual Tribe

  • You're Not Enough, And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

  • Not Being Limited By Your Upbringing

  • How Ashley's Miscarriage Allowed her to Connect to Others and to Start Building More Community

  • Finding Her Birth Father on Facebook

  • You Aren't Really Isolated, Your Just Hiding Behind Social Media